Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A New Year

Happy New Year.  Whether you want to or not, it's hard not to think about "fresh starts", "starting over", "putting the past behind us", "looking to the future" and so on, when everyone else is talking about it.  :)

The only "new project" I'm starting is a 52 weeks project but I'm combining two projects into one.  Lorelei and I are doing a 52 week project based on this book.  I'll be using Coulee as my "model" each week and participating in the Flickr group - 52 Weeks for Dogs.  It should be fun.

I hope to have back up plans for each week and as long as I don't leave it to the last minute, I shouldn't be scrambling... in theory.  :)  This week the theme is "Colour".  You are supposed to highlight a specific colour or colours.

I already tried Plan A...  I wanted a beautiful blue sky to compliment Coulee's rather orange coat as blue and orange are complimentary colours.  The photo is just a little dull.  I was hoping for a prettier sky.  I even stitched a few pictures together to get more blue but it's still very 'meh'.

For Plan B, I was hoping for a beautiful orange sunset and I was going to use a flash outside for the first time.  I got there early and played around but didn't account for the quickly dropping temperatures when the sun went down and I had to leave before the sky turned a gorgeous pink as my hands were freezing.  Looks like we won't have another decent sunset until Sunday so it looks like Plan B is not an option any more. :(

Good thing it is only Wednesday - I have a few more days to get a picture I like.


WigglyZack said...

I love the sunset picture. Gorgeous.

Karen said...

Wow, the sunset picture is just beautiful. It looks like a painting. I'd frame that one!