Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Good Play

Most of the time when Coulee and Lacey play, it resembles bullying more than play.  But for some reason in the backyard, and only in the backyard, will they have balanced play.

When I was trying to get Coulee's 52 weeks photo the other day I was doing my best to not engage with them so they ended up having quite an extended play session.  I love it when this happens as it isn't a daily occurrence.

It always eventually devolves into Coulee bullying Lacey but usually when I put a stop to the bullying, in less than a minute they are back to playing nicely again.

I don't know why they won't play like this in the house or on a walk, but I've only ever seen it happen in the yard.

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Anonymous said...

So interesting! (Great photos, too, as always.) I was fascinated to read this, because Pyrrha and Eden have kind of a bullying/pestering style of play at home. I wonder how they would interact with each other in a different space. They are very polite to each other on walks (gentle muzzle kisses, walking side by side), but they are like bratty siblings at home. :)