Saturday, January 11, 2014

I Need a Plan C

So I thought I had this week's photo figured out.  It is supposed to be a portrait that "defines or describes" someone even though you can't see their face.

I knew what I wanted to do, I discovered last week it wouldn't work as planned, came up with a viable solution... and then push came to shove and I went to take the photos and I realized it just wasn't going to look like I imagined it.

On to plan B...  While the let's-just-get-something-out-of-all-this-prep photos are fun, covering her face with a tennis ball just didn't look right. In fact, it looked down right weird.  I couldn't figure out if I should focus on the toy or her and it didn't actually matter in the end, as neither looked right.

So now I need a plan C... and it's due tomorrow.  Why do I do this to myself?  Or right... because it's fun.... Right?


Blazingstar said...

How about a photo of her going away from you, towards a pile of balls? Tie her to a tree, place the balls and then walk her away from them, release her and shoot!

onecollie said...

it might not be what you want but I think it is way cool!!