Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Boys

We were looking after Vito and Boone this past week.  We haven't looked after Vito since we got Jack as he isn't all that respectful of cats.  I swear Jack could sense this, as even though they never encountered each other, (although we don't know what happened when we were gone - Vito was in a crate, but could have scared him by barking) I didn't see Jack the whole time the boys were here.  In Vito's defence, he was a perfect angel with Lu - he didn't bother her once.

I couldn't fit all 4 in a car so I would take out the short ones one day (that included Boone) and then Coulee and Boone on other days as I thought Boone would appreciate the exercise more than the other two.

Boone is the most RANDOM dog ever.  He doesn't stay on the path for more than 10 steps at a time and just runs off in random directions after nothing.  I swear I had to call his name at least once a minute to keep him on track.  I lost him briefly on one walk and literally had no idea what direction he might have run.  Turns out he was hiding in the wetland plants but did come running (in his usual round about way) when I started calling him.

Lacey and Vito had

 Thanks boys for being so much fun.  You were the highlight of my week.  :)

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manymuddypaws said...

handsome boys! thanks for taking such good care of them wendy!!!

and yes, Boone is the most random dog ever. ;)