Thursday, May 1, 2008

I hope I get better

So last night was my first photography class. I'm pretty excited about this class. I've been looking for one ever since I got my digital SLR 2-3 years ago and I finally found one. I'm worried that I'm so excited that there is no way the class can't be a dissapointment. But so far so good.

Last night we learned about shutter speed, aperature, depth of field and light balance. It was the perfect amount of information...not too much, not too little. I have read this in numerous books but it never seems to stick in my head. But I think I've finally got it. This week we don't have any official homework other than to keep the camera on manual and to play around with the different combinations of shutter speed and aperature settings.

Last night I came home very excited to try out what I learned but the basement isn't very bright at 10:00 at night and it doesn't leave you with many least that what I'm hoping is wrong with my photos. :) I had to have a very long shutter speed and a very big aperature opening. I think Coulee did a fabulous job of holding still for more than a second, don't you? But then she left, and I was stuck photographing "Little Buddy" who was great at sitting still for me. (Please ignore the chewed couch bottom...that is Coulee's handywork as a pup)

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Anonymous said...

lol! Your hilarious!!! I love the lil buddy picture!!! Didn't you have a vase of flowers =)