Sunday, March 22, 2009


I have always wanted to bike with Coulee. Not lots, as I'm not a big cyclist, but instead of going for a walk around the block, I thought going for a bike around the block would be a pleasant change for both of us. So this year, I finally bought a Springer. We have some work to do first before we actually use it though as she is deathly afraid of the bike.

We brought the bike inside the house last weekend. At first Coulee wouldn't go near it. Now she'll actually sniff it but doesn't like it if it moves. So yesterday we went for a Bike-Walk. Marlin walked the girls and I walked the bike. I am sure we were quite the sight. I even briefly got on the bike and rode it next to them. Coulee did take a treat from my outstretched hand as I rode but it was one of those grab and run maneuvers where she strains towards me with her head so she doesn't have to come too close to the scary bike monster.

Today there is snow so we can't repeat the process. Hopefully we'll be able to gain some ground this week.

Sorry for the lack of pictures but a bike, two dogs and a camera (even with Marlin's help) is way beyond my capabilities.

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