Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I downloaded a trial version of Lightroom, a photo editing program, to play around with for a bit. Wow. Is it ever easy to use. You can take an OK picture and turn it into a good one in seconds.



All I did with this picture was increase the black a bit.

This one of Diva is a little more dramatic. You can see the details around her mouth much better now but I don't really like how pale her face is.



I don't even know what I'm doing and the pictures are improved. I can't wait to learn a little more and be able to make them even better!


StellaStar said... lightroom free? I went ahead and got GIMP and it's pretty close to photoshop if you've ever used it. You take great pictures to begin with...I can't wait to see more!

Sarah said...

YAY Wendy, get the full version!!!! you will love the freedom that the program gives you, it will take your images to the next level!!!

all my images usually have some post-processing - you know like supermodels and celebrities, they would never want a photo of them published with no touch up!!! HAHAHA

your two image choices just got better! They have a lot more OOOOMMMMPPHHHHH!

Paws on the Run said...

Lightroom is not free - far from it. But from what I can tell, it is worth it's weight in gold.