Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Creatures Were Stirring

Every morning around 6 a.m., the critters start to stir. Coulee gets off her pillow and wanders to the side of the bed to rest her chin inches from our faces. Just a subtle check to make sure we are waking up for the most important meal of the day. Lacey who has been comfortable resting down near our feet, starts groaning with protest as we roll over to get away from Coulee's breath. She then starts crawling up for her morning cuddles. She wiggles in between us and gives us kisses if our hands slowly stop petting her and start drifting back to sleep.

15 or 20 minutes will pass and Coulee's gentle chin resting becomes a jump onto the bed to fill the tiny space not currently filled by sleeping bodies. This of course, excites Lacey who starts walking all over us (she claims she doesn't know that the lumps under the covers are us, she thinks they are just hills to be tackled) to get to Coulee. We then get whacked in the face by her rapidly moving tail and I inevitably decide it is time to get up.

Last night we got home from the daycare around midnight. We fed the girls their midnight snack (aka Very Late Dinner) and then went promptly to bed. Apparently we haven't taught the girls that when you stay up late, you sleep in late. This morning, at the same time as usual, the process started.... I'm now the only one still up. The girls went back to bed with Marlin (who by the way, never even got up in the first place.)

Oh and why were we at the daycare so late? Well that is because we are rearranging our play space. The big dog area is HUGE now - they are going to love it. And the little ones now have their very own outdoor potty area. I can't wait for Monday.


onecollie said...

poor you, there til midnight! I bet it looks great!
See ya tonight!

manymuddypaws said...

did you really say you can't wait until Monday???? Craziness...