Thursday, March 19, 2009

Eye Spy

Marlin and I took the girls for a walk on our lunch break today. We all had a pretty good time. The coulees were relatively dry, although there were still patches of snow.

I was trying to get some pictures for my 52 Week project but while some of these are nice, these weren't quite what I wanted. I'll have to try some more this weekend.

If you look closely you can see us reflected in Coulee's eye.


Deirdre said...

Now that is cool!

StellaStar said...

I just found out what a Coulee was! I saw the word in Bill Bryson's book, and I was like, OMG, it's not just a really unique name for a gorgeous dog; it's something else, too! I must find out! So I wikipedia'd it. Cool name, Coulee!

Paws on the Run said...

Thanks StellaStar! We didn't know what a coulee was until we moved here so it was a new word to us too. We ended up picking that name because she matched the colour of the coulees so well.