Saturday, August 1, 2009

Evening Walk

Jo and I took the kids out this evening down to Popson. We had a great walk, probably because nothing happened. No birds were killed, no dogs were injured, the dogs were well behaved (probably because we didn't see another person or dog) and the dogs had a great time. And best of all, they are all really tired now.

Apparently I don't usually post enough photos (at least according to Jo) so tonight you are going to get a bunch.

Kort looking mighty handsome.
Check out Tate's leg feathers. Aren't they amazing?

Yes, Vito barked. A lot. Even when Coulee was dry. Sigh.

Nothing beats a good shake picture and Boone is no exception.

Looking a little more handsome...
Marlin has nicknamed Pixel "the colourful one."
Do you see those specks near the top of the picture? That is Tate and Kort. I may have fibbed a little bit when I said everyone was well behaved. ;)

Boone won't swim out to get the wubba but if it is close enough to shore, he'll get it.

Tate is turning into quite the little water dog!
Lacey really likes the Wubba and is actually willing to try and fight Coulee for it.

When Lacey finally gets the Wubba, it has to be shaken in the water.

And when you can't have a wubba, a stick will have to do.

Pixel was finally starting to slow down at the end of the walk. Keeping up with Coulee is hard work when you have short little legs.
The little ones all ride together. Comfy eh?


onecollie said...

much better!!!
now you get the whole story of the evening in pictures!!!

miradukesadie said...

Oh man I feel like such an outcast =( The only nice walks you have are without us.

Anonymous said...

cuteness. i can't wait to get home to hug them all....