Monday, August 10, 2009

Old Haunting Grounds

Yesterday we made a spur-of-the-moment trip out to Writing on Stone. Amazingly enough, Amanda had never been there. I spent a summer as a park interpreter there and it was definitely one of the best summer jobs I ever had.

It was also one of the hottest summer jobs. The hoodoos, while amazing to look at, hold the heat and reflect it back at you. So you can be standing quite comfortably in the picnic area surrounded by grass and trees and think it isn't hot out but then you walk into the hoodoos and almost pass out from heat exhaustion. They've measure the temperature in the hoodoos at 52 C.

It wasn't quite that hot yesterday but it was hot enough. Too hot to even want to take pictures. I should have hauled less camera equipment and more water!

Amanda got the picture of Lacey after our walk and our picnic and after we had all cooled back down a little. If she'd taken it any earlier, you would have seen Lacey's tongue practically hanging to the ground.

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onecollie said...

what a nice picture of Lacey!!
too bad you didn't have more photo opps!...we must return so we can actually enjoy ourselves!