Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Why do I try?

So I decided I needed a new website for work. Sarah did the original one 2 years ago before the daycare even opened so all the pictures were dog walking pictures and it didn't really showcase the fun the dogs have at daycare. And as I now own a Mac, which makes website creation super easy with iWeb, I decided to tackle it myself. I had already done a website for the Prairie Dog Canine Rescue, as well as the Photography Business, so why not the daycare? I learned a lot from doing the first two, this third one should go quickly.

And it did go quickly. I spent a few afternoons working on it and it was done. So tonight I uploaded it. The home page looks great (or at least I think so!) but it was missing something. Something vital. Something called the MENU! Hello!? Where is the bar at the top that shows all the other pages? You know, the pages that actually have real information on them? I've tried uploading it over and over again and it still isn't working. Sigh.

If you would like to see it (minus the menu bar) you can see the home page, About Us, Doggie Daycare, Pet Photography, Dog Training, Grooming, Daycare FAQ and Contact Us. Feel free to shout out constructive critism - it won't hurt my feelings and I'd love to make it better. :)

And if anyone has any suggestions on how to get the menu bar to show-up, I'd love to hear them. I'll probably be calling Apple tomorrow afternoon to see if they can help if I haven't figured it out by then.

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miradukesadie said...

lol. You may have to update your about us profiles.