Friday, August 21, 2009

Mosquito Hell

Amanda, Sandy and I went for a walk tonight. I think we should have a new rule. No more than 2 dogs each! We only took 6 dogs between 3 people and it was awesome! The dogs were all very well behaved (except Vito and his big mouth) and no major catastrophe struck us.

Pixel and Lacey had lots of fun wrestling. Click on the image to see those pearly whites large.

The expression on Pixel's face, is definitely screaming fun. ;)

Mira was posing pretty for the camera.

I brought two toys so Coulee wouldn't be the only one to actually play with a toy. Wicca managed a gravity defying retrieve.

Mira kept stealing the ball.

Vito moped on the shore.

Sandy was the only one laughing - she used bug spray. Amanda and I will be scratching all night.

Lacey was the only one brave enough to do what the rest of us were thinking... ;) (That is Vito's tail you see! What you don't see is him barking at Coulee.)

Pixel managed to get covered in dirt.

Lacey made me happy to have purchased a new collar. I bet Amanda was wishing she had bought one for Pixel.

And Coulee... Well she spent her evening fetching and having the time of her life. But we've all seen enough photos of that.

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Michelle said...

Awesome photo of Coulee!