Friday, August 21, 2009


We've had a roommate these past few weeks that I've neglected to blog about. The best kind of roommate a girl could ask for. Her name is Jackie. You may recognize her as one of the foster dogs we used to have. Her family went away for a few weeks and we jumped at the chance to visit with her again.

She has been a complete angel. She is great with Lu (she gives her kisses whenever she gets the chance), she is quiet, she is snuggly and best of all, she loves Lacey and Lacey loves her.

These two would play morning, noon, and night if they had the chance. I think the only reason they aren't playing right now is because Jackie is exhausted from 5 full days of daycare!

I'm sure in an hour or two she'll be rested and ready to go.

Jackie and Lacey are pretty evenly matched in their wrestling (or maybe Jackie lets Lacey win sometimes. I wouldn't doubt it).

You'll notice a distinct lack of Coulee in these photos. Coulee is too busy obsessing at the toy she has dropped at my feet to bother with the wrestling.

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