Tuesday, September 29, 2009


See that black strap sticking out of Coulee's neck? That is a wonderful invention called a Citronella Bark Collar. Coulee is officially on a bark collar diet. She is wearing it all the time for a few days. So far, it is making me very happy.

It has even had some unexpected side benefits... Lacey is barking less too. We went to the dog park today and without Coulee barking like an idiot at the people, Lacey didn't either.

She did briefly bark at a guy in a hat and sunglasses that was leaning over her, but when we ran into the older couple who acted a little less scary, she didn't say a peep! And we even chatted for a bit so it wasn't like she didn't have a chance.

I have run into the same older couple 3-4 times in the past few months and every time we have the exact same conversation. The have a golden retriever and can't help but compare their dog to Coulee (Lacey is completely ignored). We discussed body shape, eye colour and temperament. They never remember us from the previous visits so we have to go through the entire comparison each time. I find it kind of funny for them to be so obssesed but I guess if I ran into another pug/cattle dog at the park, I'd want to talk about them too.


manymuddypaws said...

i saw the title and thought you were going to talk about how lacey is getting fat.... :o)

Sarah said...

and a lemony scent follows you everywhere, how nice! that is another plus from using the collar!

Squishy said...

Glad to hear those collars work. I might have to try one on Soleil & Ty (Squishy). LOVE LOVE LOVE your photos!!!
My fluffy (fat) collie Roxy from years ago was called "Ewes not fat ~ Ewes fluffy"....she was ok with that.