Friday, September 18, 2009

That Kind of Man

13 years ago today, Marlin and I went on our first date and I almost ended our relationship before it even started. I had a friend at work who "had a thing" for him and I felt really guilty going on a date with him. So before the date even began, I decided that there wouldn't be a second. About 30 minutes into the date, Marlin started talking about what we should do for our 2nd date and I broke the news to him. He was not impressed. Needless to say, he won me over and the rest is history. I'm so glad he persevered.

If he hadn't I wouldn't have known that Marlin is the kind of man that:

  • holds your hand when you walk down the street
  • gives money to strangers that are stuck in a bind
  • walks the dogs and makes dinner when you are working long hours
  • gets you a bowl when you are feeling sick and empties it out when you've used it
  • likes to cuddle on the couch
  • puts his arms around you when you are feeling sad
  • finds something nice to say about what ever you've made no matter how ugly it is
  • will let you watch your show on TV (provided that the sports channel is "back-up")
  • makes his co-workers cry when he leaves his job
  • helps you deliver newspapers in the morning because you've decided to quit your job and start a business and therefore have no money
  • listens when you just need to talk
Marlin is all that and so much more. He is also the man that I love.


Marcy said...

How sweet and touching.

Stephanie V said...

Thirteen years? Really? Well, I guess you two deserve each're a sweetie, too.

onecollie said...

awwwww, that is soooo sweet!

miradukesadie said...

Awww. Wendy. That is so nice =)

Deirdre said...

ok you almost made me cry!

Squishy said...

I met my most darling Pierre on Sept. 18th 1999....would have been 10 years. Thank you for a wonderful post about the man you love. He sounds like how Pierre was to me.
Diana ~ Entais