Sunday, June 20, 2010

Amanda, Don't Look

Why do I always see Rattlesnakes when I'm babysitting Amanda's dogs?  I was too afraid to get any closer to get a better picture.  He/She was NOT happy with us!  Thankfully the dogs were content to leave it alone.


onecollie said...

it looks bigger in the picture then it did in person! eeekkk!
See what ya missed Sandy LOL!

deb said...

It looks HUGE! Glad it looked smaller in real life.

Mom said...

Do not try this again. Watched a program about a photographer who did exactly what you did. He was well back but they can launch themselves and fly through the air some distance to land on you and bite. He barely made it to the hospital as the venom can work quickly. Don't give your dear old mother a heart attack.

onecollie said...

e gads!!!! it can launch through the air!!!!
I agree, let's not give mom a heart attack !!!!

Kennedy said...

I like this, "Eegads!" lol.

I'm with you guys...don't tempt the flying/launching/airborne potential rattler. Yikes!