Saturday, June 19, 2010

Time for Chicken

I took the dogs out early this morning for their run before going to the adoption fair and volunteering as a dog wrangler.  With the frisbee MIA, I broke out the chicken.  It was a pretty big hit.

The road down to the park was closed due to flooding so we walked down the road instead.  I'm not sure if Lacey was excited because of the unexplored new terrain, or if the wet grass just kind of kept her in a state of excitement but all she did was run around randomly.  It was pretty funny.  She kept distracting Boone into thinking she was chasing the toy and leading him astray.

Boone is the funniest, quirkiest dog I know.  He never fails to make you laugh.

Seriously.  How cute is he?

The walk back up the hill wasn't fun for me.  God I'm out of shape.  The water in the picture below is what is flowing down the road - it isn't normally there.  The river is quite high at the moment and there have been reports of flooding all over southern Alberta.  The news should be interesting to watch tonight.

But the trip down was worth it.  I found our missing frisbee! Yippee.

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