Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What Goes Down...

... must come up.  Right?

I feel like life is just not going smoothly for me.  I just want a single day that doesn't have something frustrating, annoying or downright stressful happening.  Please?  Come to think of it, I think Sunday was good - but maybe that is because I barely made it out of bed.  Maybe that's the trick.  I'll just stay in bed forever.  Look what happened yesterday when I decided to get out of bed.

So after losing my car key down at Popson Park this morning, and my dear husband bailing me out again, I got a great e-mail on my way back home.  I'm going to have some pictures published!  Yippee!!!  I don't know when exactly, but soon.  I have a feeling that in the publishing world that could mean years, but that doesn't matter. It will happen.

The books is called - Training Your German Shepherd Dog, by Dan Rice.  They are about to release their second edition. If you happen to have the first edition, you'll miss out on Harley, so you might want to replace your copy when the second edition comes out.  :)


Bobbi said...

Yaaayyyy for Harley!!!

Bo said...

Great Shot!