Monday, June 28, 2010

A Hiking We Will Go

Marlin and I met Dad and Shelley in the Crowsnest Pass this weekend for a hike.  We decided to stick to a hike that wasn't too strenuous because it is still early in the season. We ended up doing Deadman's Pass (not nearly as scary as it sounds) and it was perfect.

The weather was great.

The scenery was great.

And the company was great too!  :)

We borrowed a backpack from Kim for Coulee to try out.  She acted like she wasn't carrying a thing and she actually had 2 litres of water on her back.  We will definitely be purchasing a few of these for the girls.


Dogs and Old Bones said...

Ahhh...but do you know the story of Deadman's Pass...

It is beautiful!

onecollie said...

gorgeous scenery!!!
Coulee looks so proud of herself !

Kennedy said...

Beautiful hike. Love the pictures. Dog backpacks are great. It gives them a job to do and helps to increase the workout.