Monday, June 14, 2010

Familiar Territory

I think the girls enjoyed their weekend camping, but it was nice to get home and be able to stretch their legs again.

I'm really enjoying seeing green.  The grass is almost taller than Lacey.

She even went swimming today.  Normally her butt floats... She might need to gain a little fat for floation.

Question for all you dog owners out there... What can I feed Coulee to soften up her poop?  I think her incontinence meds are making her poops really hard.  Poor girl.  Sorry if that was too much information for some of you!


Amy said...

Give Coulee canned pumpkin.

Karen said...

I second the pumpkin. Plain pumpkin, not the pie filling.

Deirdre said...

Interesting...I was told to give pumpkin to the dogs to help get over diarhia. Does it work both ways??

onecollie said...

cool, everyone says pumpkin!..I agree, Kort & Tate get it softens Tate's, & "tightens up" Kort's!, perfect!

Nearly Naked Neckwear said...

Fiber can work both ways I believe. I know a lot of dog rescues use pure canned pumpkin to help dogs adjust to new foods and when they are stressed. They seem to love the taste.

We just made my dogs some home made dog food (cooked chicken, brown rice and pureed carrots & peas) and OMG they are dropping pellets instead of the usual loose poops. Worked like a charm.

Good luck!