Friday, September 24, 2010

Swing Your Partner

I'm still trying to do pictures from a "different perspective".  It is a fun challenge, made even more fun by having a small, agile dog to photograph.  None of these could ever have been taken with Coulee or Lacey - they just aren't built the same way.

I should mention the ones in my previous post were taken by holding the camera on the ground underneath Sadie while holding the frisbee in my other hand above her.  So I never ran the risk of being landed on and as long as I was quick with the camera I could get it out of the way before she came down.  I was shooting blind, so there were many missed focuses, and some times just images of sky with a toe or two in the frame. Thankfully, Sadie is pretty insatiable when it comes to fetch so she was willing to keep bouncing up and down as long as I was willing to keep holding the toy up and this gave me lots of opportunity to get some good photos.

So yesterday I thought I'd try and capture one of Sadie's other traits... her ability to tug, and not let go.  In fact, she holds on so tight you can swing her through the air with the toy (kind of like you swing children through the air by their arms).  So again, I was shooting blind and the results are almost just as fun.

Lacey found this quite an exciting activity and kept coming in close - and getting whacked in the face by Sadie's feet!

I'm fresh out of ideas for today's walk. Any suggestions?


H Ski said...

These are great pictures. I can do the same thing with Lola. It is amazing how strange their jaws are. I may have to copy you and try taking pictures like these sometime too.

onecollie said...

LOVE them!
Sadie needs her nails trimmed..big time :)) LOL!

sandyv2222 said...

ha ha those are awesome! Jo she's all yours! lol!

Kristy said...

Those are awesome - I love the sky & clouds in the background:)

Taryn said...

Excellent, excellent pictures! I like these even better than yesterday's. My first Cardigan Corgi, (gone over the bridge now), used to hold on to / swing around on his tennis balls and frisbees like that, and he was towing along nearly 40 pounds of body weight!