Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years Day Walk

According to Jo it was our 4th annual New Years Day walk with the dogs.  I'll take her word for it as I can never keep track of these things.  I have trouble remembering how old I am!

It was a "small crowd" of only 8 dogs but it was mayhem none-the-less.

Lacey was so excited to be among her friends she created a tad bit of chaos.  She became the centre of attention and we needed to bust out the toys to get the attention off of her.

Amanda arranged them all for a group shot. Perkins refused to participate.  LOL

It was fun as usual.  The girls haven't had a chance to socialize with anyone in a long time so it was nice to be able let them be around their friends again.

And it was nice to see Perkins braving the cold too.  We have been way too spoiled with good weather this winter!  -2 C felt horrible.  I'm not looking forward to -20 C...


WigglyZack said...

Great walk. Great Pictures.

Mary Lou said...

LOVE the group shot. I feel as though I KNOW all of these dogs!! ;op

onecollie said...

Definately 4 years :) I moved here in 2007 so every New Years since.
Tate is the only dog facing the wrong way in the top picture LOL! he's so "special" !

manymuddypaws said...

there will be no -20 so don't worry. :) we are already heading into spring.

the group photo is the best yet. next year that damn weiner dog is going to learn to stay. lol.

Mary Lou said...

Who IS the weiner dog? He is ADORABLE!! ;op