Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Day 10 and 11 - Narrow Hills Provincial Park

Day 10

Bright and early, we headed out to walk and fish around Gem Lakes. They were touted to be gorgeous in colour with sandy bottoms.  I was picturing mini Lake Louise's with sandy beaches.  Not so much.  In typical Saskatchewan fashion you could barely access the shorelines - they had openings in the brush just wide enough for a boat.  If we hadn't had such high hopes, it would have been a nice walk, but we'd planned to spend the day, and it definitely wasn't worthy of that.  It was however the busiest attraction we've been to - There were 4 cars in the parking lot.  :)

We went for a drive instead and headed into Clarence/Steepbank Park.  We mainly just drove around.  We stopped at a lake so Marlin could fish and the dogs could swim.  Aside from the people in the "resorts", we only saw one other couple out and about.  We found the roads are always quiet, the rest areas/picnic areas deserted and the walking trails incredibly under-used everywhere we go.  It really is quite different from what we are used to but we can't complain - it gave us lots of opportunities to let the dogs run around.

Day 11 

We went for a drive to Candle Lake Provincial Park this morning.  We drove through an area where a tornado must have touched down recently. The trees were snapped off halfway and lots were laying flat as well.

There were some sand dunes we wanted to check out in the park, but either we didn't quite get to the right spot or they weren't very spectacular.  The beach was nice though. 

We drove into a picnic area and were rewarded with a momma deer and her baby.  The baby was playing in a puddle and then got the zoomies.  It was so cute. Coulee eventually spotted them and started to bark and that  was the end of that. Lol

We stopped at another rest area and had the place to ourselves. It was a small trout pound so Marlin fished, while I entertained the pups in the water.  There was a loon with her young on the lake too.  We were there for about an hour before another family came to check it out and we decided to leave.

We did the scenic drive in the park and then came home to make dinner.  Photos by Coulee... 

This night was our 7 year wedding anniversary so to celebrate, we made chocolate orange cakes on the BBQ. They turned out great although I apparently overfilled them.

We had a little difficulty with the wine.  We managed to forget a corkscrew but it all worked out in the end.

Lacey entertained herself all evening by burying her rawhide.  She would cover it with gravel and walk away.  10 minutes later she would come back, inspect her work and add a little more.  She probably did that 4 times before she decided it was good and buried.

And that's it for vacation photos folks!  The next day we ended up driving straight home. It took us 12 hours but it was worth it.


Anonymous said...

Oh my, the orange cake thing...I thought someone ball landed in something unpleasant until I read the text :)


Anonymous said...

*someones ball, apparently I can't spell today, either that or that ball/cake thing got to me :)

Dave (again)

Andrea said...

Thank you so much for sharing your incredible trip with us. I cannot believe how alone you guys were for the most part!

Charlene and Storm said...

its been a great trip, ive really enjoyed you letting us come along with you to enjoy all your pictures and adventures. coulees poor bumpy face will be stuck in my memory forever xxx