Sunday, August 5, 2012

Day 5 and 6 - PANP to Lac La Ronge PP

Day 5

Coulee and I saw the fox this morning on our morning bathroom stroll. I'm pretty sure we were the first to stir in the campground.  Also saw a mom and fawn on the road from Waskasui. 

Plans to canoe were thwarted by the thunderstorms.  :(  Instead we packed everything up and headed to Lac La Ronge PP. It was raining slightly when we were packing up but when we got to the sani station it started pouring. We sat in the car for a bit waiting for it to pass, and a nice big elk walked by.  :)

Saw a big black bear on route to La Ronge. 

We stopped at a beautiful rest area near the Montreal River.  It used to be a campground but was day use only now.  We were the only ones there and everyone got a chance to stretch their legs

We stopped at a few little campgrounds but settled at MacKay Lake. There are six campsites and we were the only ones here. :) The dogs have enjoyed running off leash. 

And Coulee jumped off the dock!!!!  It was awesome.  She thought Lacey wanted the toy so she just leapt off without thinking.  The second time she over thought it and it was pretty awkward and the third time was even worse.  She basically tipped herself into the lake and it probably didn't feel good on her back legs.  After that she ran around off the deck and back to shore.

No pictures from day 5.

Day 6

I got up bright and early and took the dogs swimming.  Well, Coulee anyway.  Lacey just ran around looking for things to eat. It was beautifully misty and serene. Coulee humoured me with a few photos before swimming, but only because I was holding the toy.  Even though she always ran out on the dock to await the throw, Coulee only did one semi awkward leap off the dock, and then the rest of the time she ran to shore before plunging in.

Still no one at the campground but one of the sites is reserved this evening so we should have some company. 

We interrupt this text with some swimming/wet dog photos of the day...

Seriously?  You had to throw it a few feet away from the dock?  How the hell am I supposed to get that from here.

Maybe if I lean over I can reach it.
For some reason she rarely bothered to shake off.
So close, yet so far!

The soaking wet, plaintive, please throw my toy look.

I was a little obsessed with the wet dripping Coulee. It made the coolest, musical sound too under the dock.

Note the super sad look that the wubba is out there, and she knows that the most direct route is off the dock, yet she can't quite bring herself to launch.

A rare shaking moment.

Lacey checking in briefly, before running back to scavenge.
We heard lots of loons (but they tended to be flying overhead as opposed to sitting on the water). We also saw a few grey jays (who left pretty quick once the realized we had no food) and some squirrels kept Lacey on high alert.

See how much better Coulee's nose is looking?  She still had hard lumps everywhere but the swelling was down dramatically. We also managed to not give her a single pain pill. She has been swimming lots and hasn't been doing much running. She is a little stiff at times, but not bad at all.  We even stocked up on extras because we thought it might be a hard trip on her.  I even debated leaving her behind.  But I'm so glad I didn't, because she did so great!

We went into town and rented a canoe for a few days.  We brought it back to MacKay and went for a 2 hour trip with the girls. They were great.  Lacey was a little unsure to start but she ended up just laying down and relaxing.  Coulee enjoys leaning forward on the hunt for adventure.  She would occasionally sit, but never for long. 

We rushed back with a storm on our heels.  We literally just got to shore when it started to rain.  It poured down and we were very thankful we were in a trailer and not a tent. 

While on the lake we saw loons, a bald eagle and a king fisher.


Taryn said...

That dock made for a great photo-op! Wow! love it!

Getting dogs to dive right in must take some training. My guys will do it once or twice out of excitement, but run around to get in on the shore most of the time.

Andrea said...

The shaking picture is fantastic, and I can see why you would've been taken in by the dripping. The pic of Lacey coming to check things out really captures her curiosity! Such a tease that there were no day 5 dock pics!