Monday, August 6, 2012

Day 9

We got up bright and early and took the girls for their morning swim.  Packed up and left by 8 am. Got to La Ronge too early for anything to be open (oops!  So much for picking up groceries!) but we did find an open gas station at least.

Poor Lacey - no grass to eat on this walk - just moss!

We stopped on the way at Nipekamew Sand Cliffs for a walk.  The trail was gorgeous (and deserted) and the dogs had a good time actually walking instead of swimming or boating. 

I love how open the forest is.

Coulee tried to bring us a fallen tree.

We had pretty high expectations for the sandcliffs - Saskatchewan builds so few trails and this one is truly in the middle of nowhere, we thought they were going to be absolutely amazing.  This was it.  LOL.

We arrived at Narrow Hills P.P. and barely had time to unload and a storm started again.  We heard rumors of funnel clouds but didn't see any ourselves.  It was a rare day where we didn't have a thunderstorm on this trip!

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