Sunday, August 5, 2012

Day 7 & 8 - Lac La Ronge Provincial Park

Day 7

Coulee went for her morning swim while Lacey did her usual thing and brought us the jaw bone of a beaver - flesh included.  Ugh.  We had a leisurely breakfast then headed out on the lake.  

Leaning over my shoulder looking for adventure!

Lacey riding the rails - we weren't sure if she was just getting a better look or plotting her escape from the canoe.

Whenever we got "too close" to shore, Coulee would start to see things under water and lean out.  Can you see Marlin counter balancing her?

My view...

We saw more kingfishers and loons.  Marlin caught a few fish (which he released). We stopped for a picnic and more fishing and fetching then came back and went for a swim - me included!

Lacey swam out to say hi and then tried to climb on top of me. Coulee got quite panicked if I beat her to the toy and stole it.  It felt great and we didn't find any leeches. 

We also all went down to the dock to enjoy the sunset.  Right before "prime time" though a boatload of people came in from one of the cottages on the lake so we took the girls back up to the trailer so we could enjoy the sunset in peace.  ;)

Day 8

Day 8 was a pretty slow day.  Morning swim for the girls, leisurely breakfast for us and then a trip into "town".  

We wanted to get in one more canoe ride but there were thunderstorms brewing.  We did some laundry, showered and visited Otter Rapids.  In the afternoon we napped, hung out and read.

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Taryn said...

Lovely sunset pictures! Too bad other people had to show up and steal the scene. The nerve of them :-)