Friday, August 3, 2012

Day 3 - Prince Albert N.P.

Day 3

We got up early to head out on a hike and to beat the heat and "crowds". We hiked on Kinnowa trail to Anglin Lake. It was just us and 1,000's of mosquitos. It was brutal. We sprayed up right before we left and again at the lake. We have marigold spray for the dogs and if it made any kind of impact we sure couldn't tell.  Coulee's nose is so bumpy it looks like she was crossed with a weird ugly alien. You can see it starting in these photos even.

The lake was pretty. There were some loons and a pelican floating around but the lake access was pretty swampy. The girls jumped right in, but it wasn't something we could have waded in.  After about 20 minutes at the lake we headed back into the forest with all the bugs, and headed back to the car. After about 30 minutes I noticed Coulee's back leg was bleeding.  On closer inspection we found a leech. Ugh. She had 5 or so on her. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. Lacey didn't swim as  much and from what we can tell she escaped without any hitchhikers.

We got back to the car without seeing a soul. I think I understand why no one in Saskatchewan hikes. Despite being coated in deet, I was still covered in bites. I didn't take many photos - stopping just brought a swarm of mosquitos.  I don't think we've ever hiked as fast as we did along that trail trying to unconsciously "outrun them".

After a much needed nap, Marlin and I headed into town to buy some supplies - including antihistamine for Coulee as she looks just horrible (They didn't have the right stuff though, so I gave her a super small dose and we ended up finding the right kind the next day.  It took three days for her to recover and look semi-normal again.).  Lacey had even more bugs on her but she didn't react the way Coulee does.

The town of Waskasui was pretty touristy. The beach was gorgeous but super crowded. We checked out the two campgrounds in town - one was like a parking lot but the other one was quite nice. 


Unknown said...

Lovely pix. Wishing you all a good Saturday.
Best wishes Molly

Andrea said...

Thank you for sparing us the leech pictures! Yikes!

Charlene and Storm said...

oh my god i hate mozzies so much, poor coulie :( xxx