Sunday, November 11, 2012


Well it definitely is beginning to feel and look like winter out there.  With daylight savings making it dark so early, combined with the new snow and the really cold temperatures, I'd say autumn is most definitely over for the year.

The roads were not very good on Friday so I just took the girls to a green strip a few blocks from our house.  They didn't seem to mind. Although much to Lacey's horror, I put boots on them.  Lacey does NOT like boots.  When I was putting them on, she was trying to balance only on the feet that weren't wearing any so by the time I got to the third one, she was in a bit of a state.  I thought it would be funny to get some video of her so I got the phone ready, walked a little ways away and called her.  Nothing.  She didn't budge.  I ended up having to grab cookies from the cupboard and even that barely got her to move.  Don't mind my sappy voice in the video - she needed all the encouragement she could get.  I swear I don't talk like that all the time.

She was fine outside in the boots when on leash but once I let them off leash to run, the most she would do is keep up with me.  I eventually took the front two off and she ran around like crazy.

Still in boots.  :)

Happy as a clam from the get go.

Ruffwear boots in the front, Muttlucks in the back. They both have their pros and cons and seeing as we are down to 3 Muttlucks, we had to improvise.

The frisbee mainly stays on top of the snow... until some one drives it under anyway.

I love the snow coming off her butt.

It's hard being short!

Snow taco!

She loves filling up her taco and then shaking it loose.  She does it over and over and over and over.

A hint of mascara just in case she runs into any boys.

Happily searching.

Without boots to weigh her down, she was a wild child

She looks a bit evil with only her eyes snow free.

Kind of makes me think of Santa Paws.


Taryn said...

Holy Moly! I just can't believe you are already dealing with so much winter! We were at 74 (23.3 C) today! It won't last but both Sat and Sun were that nice! Snow is fun but not starting this early!

Charlene and Storm said...

fab pictures!!!!!!!!! i feel all christmassy now looking at your snow, none here in the uk yet, just the usual drizzle.

love that you put there little boots on, thats so cool! i need to get some for when i take stormy on the beach, it gets all between his toes and just rubs the skin away. wierd

happy jumping!

Charlene and Stormy