Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Family W

Family walks are my favourite kind.  We usually go somewhere a little further from home and the change and the company is wonderful.  Today we went out to our very favourite dog park ever in Fort MacLeod.  We can't understand why none of the locals ever walk their dogs here, but I hope it stays that way!

Marlin posed this week for me as part of my 365 project.  The word of the day was "Faux".  I'll give you one guess as to what is faux about him.  LOL

It wasn't cold, but the snow was hard so Coulee was decked out in footwear.

Coulee was WILD today.  It had been a few days since her last walk and it showed.  She ran around like a crazy dog while we did our best to protect Lacey from impromptu "beat downs".

Shortly after the above photo was taken she was rolling around in the snow, went to stand up and yelped. We aren't sure what happened but she would not put her foot down for about 5 minutes and she was in obvious pain - whimpering, trying to snuggle in to me, tail tucked, etc.  We started to head straight back to the car - Coulee hobbling the whole way - when suddenly she started walking normally. Her tail came up, her face relaxed and all was right again.  I'm not sure if she popped something out of joint or what. We got back to the car a few minutes later and she was totally fine so we decided to keep going.  She showed no signs of discomfort for the rest of the walk, but she wasn't running around like crazy any more.

Marlin kept trying to hit me with snowballs.

I cracked out the lensbaby at the end of the walk.  We never put the boot back on the sore foot/leg.

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manymuddypaws said...

wonder if she jammed a toe or something