Sunday, January 13, 2013

Project Life 365 - Week 2

This was a fun week.  The novelty of the project hasn't worn off yet. :) Most of these were preplanned shots although some of them were plans "b" or "c".

January 6 - Still Life
We saw this girl in Waterton trying to blend into the scenery and not be spotted.

January 7 - Simple
It's the simple things in life that make me happy.  A warm blanket, a good book and a contented dog at my feet.

January 8 - Front Door
I was asking Amanda if she knew of any cool doors in town for today's word and she suggested the dog house!  Love it!

Max's family (the dog in the photo) donated this to the daycare because he never used it.  Which is funny, because he often lounges around on top of it at the daycare.  He was willing to hang out inside of it, provided I passed over the yummy cookie in my hand.  I think it worked out well for the both of us.

I wish I had pulled back just a smidgen in this photo and while I have pictures that show more of the house, this was the one where I liked Max's expression the best.

January 9 - Drawer
You don't start a small business for the money.  It is always a labour of love.

January 10 - Game
Growing up we played a lot of cards.  While we still bring them out occasionally, we rarely sit down and have a game these days.

January 11 - Signature
This image of Coulee literally became my "signature" when I got it turned into a logo.  It is also kind of a "signature shot" for the two of us.  We've got our system down pat - I can throw the toy AND take the picture.

This isn't quite what I had originally planned but Marlin picked up the Lensbaby Spark that I had ordered this afternoon so I had to try it out in the house tonight.  This is actually a magnet on our fridge.

January 12 - Mini
Coulee's favourite toy on earth is a Cuz toy and the smaller the better.  We let her play with what we call a "baby cuz" which is at least twice as big as the one pictured above.  The mini one above is actually a cat toy.  Coulee wants it.  Desperately.

The giant one on the bottom though?  She couldn't care less.

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