Sunday, January 6, 2013

Jack Sprat

As is typical, while we were away over Christmas, Jack remained somewhere in the house in hiding.  We have no idea where he goes as we close the doors on the best hiding places but he still manages to elude his babysitters.  Ever since we got back, he has become a super clingy.  If I lay down in bed, he is trying to snuggle on my neck/chest/face.  When I'm puttering, he is trying to anticipate where I'm going to go and races around right in front of me tripping me up.  When I take a shower or bath he is right there on the edge, waiting for me to come out. The other day I was laying in bed with the iPad on my stomach watching a show and I wouldn't let him sit between my head and the iPad so he sat directly behind it and peered at me the whole time.  He kept drifting off to sleep sitting there, which would make me giggle and the shaking would wake him up again.  :)  It is kind of cute in a sad, pathetic, I can barely breathe because you are laying on my face, kind of way.

Anyway, I decided to take advantage of his "I want to be with you" mood and take some photos the other day.  I think he really enjoyed having a play session with the dogs locked out of the room - we really should do that more often.

PS - We started off with a large orange feather toy so ignore the feather bits you see everywhere! :)

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onecollie said...

those are so stinking cute!! perhaps a Jack calender in the making ?