Monday, January 7, 2013

From the GoPro

We all went snowshoeing in Waterton yesterday.  We picked a super short trip (about 3 km) to start with.  We weren't sure how the snow was going to be on the dogs, how Coulee's feet would be and how hard a workout it would be for us.  It was perfect.  No one worked too hard, but we still managed to convince ourselves we deserved a hot chocolate with Bailey's at a restaurant in town when we were done.  :)

Coulee wore the GoPro on the way up, Marlin wore it on the way back.  We had to keep wiping it clear of snow when Coulee wore it which is why we switched it out on the way back.  Marlin's photos are much more consistently "good" but Coulee's are usually much more interesting. :)

We got the dogs dressed and ready to go and then popped them in their crates again while we got ready.

Stopping for a rest I think.  :)

 It's a bird. It's a sheep.  Nope.  Just a rock.  We saw no wildlife at all on our trek, not even birds.  Good thing dogs are colour blind because Lacey would have been horrified with her lack of colour coordination if she'd known.

When we got to the lake we briefly unleashed the dogs to give them a bit of freedom.  We could see in a 360 direction and figured it was safe.  Coulee took that time to practice her "lifestyle photography".

Heading home... This arrangement lasted for about 2 minutes before Lacey revolted at being in the front and Coulee gladly took back over the lead.

It was fun.  I think we might invest in our own snowshoes...


Taryn said...

So gorgeous! Is this close to where you live or did you have to travel a bit?

Paws on the Run said...

Hi Taryn - Waterton is about 1.5 hours from us. So not too far, but not quite out our backdoor either. :)