Saturday, August 4, 2012

Day 4 - Prince Albert N.P.

It rained on and off all night and all morning so we had a very leisurely start to the day and decided to explore the park by car.  Surprisingly, this turned into my second biggest picture day.

On the way out we saw some Elk on the side of the road.  There we're some young ones but it was pouring rain so we didn't take too many photos - at least not by my standards.  ;)

We drove up to Hanging Hearts Lake where we hoped to rent a canoe the next day.  On our way back, the sky parted briefly and we did a 3 km walk down to a beach.  We were the only ones out and the girls had a great time swimming on the sandy beach and leaping though the waves.  The bugs weren't even bad.

The trail boasted of a cool fern bed and it was pretty neat.

There were lots of boardwalks too.  Saskatchewan parks doesn't seem to make a lot of trails in the parks, but when they do, they do it right.  All the trails we were one were beautifully maintained.

Coulee showing off her beautiful nose.  It was way worse in person.  I was starting to wonder if we were going to have to go down to Prince Albert and see a vet - but the Benadryl eventually did the trick.

Beach time frolicking.  Lacey was SOOOO sassy!

The stick was stuck in her tooth.  She had us giggling quite a bit as she tried to let go of it.

One of my favourite photos of Coulee, just wish her face looked better!

Did I mention, Lacey was feeling sassy?

We saw this look a lot this trip.

An unposed, action photo of both girls and they are in focus.  I think that is a first!


Coulee is really starting to put her back into it!

The victor!!

But not for long.

 The waves look huge, but they weren't... at least I don't remember them being that big.

We then drove up to the Narrows and checked out the campground - it was very nice.  We even saw a small bear along the way.  We noticed on the way to the Narrows that none of the day use areas were being used so we stopped at one on the way back and the girls got another chance to swim on the beach.  There was an abandoned beach ball that Lacey quickly popped but enjoyed nonetheless.

On the way back to the campground we decided to do a quick 4 km hike.  We should have stopped while we were ahead.  Lol. The bugs were horrible and we were quite miserable.  We hiked to a tower (that we later realized we could have driven to) and it  didn't even have a particularly nice view.

But our delay back to the campsite paid off.  We saw a fox on the road with a rodent in his mouth.  It was very cool.  He/she walked right past the car and was so close, I should have had a different lens on. The dogs never noticed - which was nice as they usually bark at wildlife.  :)  My camera settings were totally wrong (of course) but I did fluke out with kind of a cool panning shot!


Anne said...

The last shot is my favourite. The lone fox on the bumpy road to no where. Looks like you are having a great time. Some of the tours in the Sask. area seem to happen in Sept. I guess to avoid the bugs. Bugs and leaches - can't say wish I was there but enjoy your pics.
love mom

Andrea said...

I really like the stick shots--they have so much personality!

Taryn said...

The fox shots are great! Amazing that you even caught the mousey dinner!

acd6pack said...

Wow - looks like a great time! The pack and I are very jealous, we love to camp, backpack and swim. Our holiday is coming, but not soon enough! Here's hoping that Coulee's nose clears up and the fun continues. I love the happy looks on the girls, especially that ACD grin on Lacey. Keep posting the fabulous pictures!!

blissfulsally said...

Amazingly wonderful pictures! As always!

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The pictures of temperate forest and grassland are wonderful. This looks like a wonderland. And also the dog is enjoying the fishing adventure.