Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Coulee Squish

My new camera has a video feature that I just tried for the first time the other day. I don't imagine it will get much use, but I'm sure the odd video every once and a while will be fun. The camera just happened to be laying around when the girls started playing so I turned it on and captured the action. Coulee is demonstrating her signature move - The Coulee Squish. Lacey has developed a fairly effective defensive move to combat The Squish - kick under the belly, while biting the back legs.

Sorry for the incredibly poor cinematography. It is a skill I apparently don't have.

And yes I know, they don't really have "balanced play". They never have and probably never will. Lacey keeps coming back for more day after day so I usually only stop it when Lacey has clearly demonstrated that she has had enough, and Coulee isn't getting the message. You can see a few times when it looks like Lacey would like it to stop, but in the end she initiates again. I can't count the number of times I've called Coulee off only to have Lacey launch back into the game. Occasionally (and I mean occasionally), Coulee will let Lacey pounce all over her but I've only ever seen it happen in the backyard and only a few times a year.


manymuddypaws said...

and you wonder why lacey doesn't know how to play properly....


i love the "dead" lacey at .21

totally made me laugh

Anonymous said...

Tears are running down my face! Too funny!