Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Wave

My 52 Weeks for Dogs project with Coulee is about to come to a close. We missed 3 weeks all year - 2 that I know about, and 1 that I'm not sure what happened! All I know is that my numbering is off and I'm ending one week short. I haven't submitted my final photo yet, and I've had lots of different ideas as to what I could do.

I finally deided it would be cute if she would wave good-bye to all her flickr friends. We've been trying to teach wave for the LONGEST time but for some reason it makes her really anxious. She really wants to do a high five instead. So when we practice, she seeks out things to touch her paw to when we ask her to wave. She either run up to us and then "waves" or she'll high five the coffee table, or Lacey, or a chair, or anything else she can reach.

When there is nothing around her, she offers up anything else she knows how to do. The more frustrated she gets, the more she practices her "speak".

Here is how our photo session went yesterday...

Not only has she gotten too close, you can tell by all the tongue action that she is anxious.

Don't beat me! I'll wave for you!

Ooops! My incredibly hairy toes have thrown snow on my head!

I'm not sure if my timing sucked or if she never ended picking her paw up very high... But if we'd gotten our act together, this could have been cute.

Are you done torturing me yet?

I have about 101 pictures that all look the same as those above. Needless to say, I did not get my picture yesterday, but I have one last day to get it right!

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onecollie said...

I love those last two pictures!! show a cute/sweet side to Coulee that her pictures don't usually show.....
I also love her smushed face as she's barking!