Monday, January 18, 2010

i heart faces

I spent a fair amount of time this weekend just puttering on the internet. I am completely obsessed with blogs (especially photography ones) and I'm always amazed at where you can end up just by following different links that catch your eye. Somehow I stumbled across i heart faces.

This one website/blog kept me busy for hours even though I don't do "people" photography. There is lots of great information on their site including how to make your pictures bigger on your blog. That tip alone makes me a very happy girl. There are some incredible pictures and photographers on the site, lots of tutorials and even a weekly photo that a few different photographers show you step by step how they improved it. You can even download the same photo and give it a try yourself.

One of the fun things they have each week is a themed photo contest. This week's theme is families. And even though I don't do people, I photographed my sister's family just last month and I can't resist entering. They have said it doesn't have to be a traditional family so I thought about entering one with the girls but I don't actually have many photos of them with Marlin and/or I. So my sister's family gets the honor (hope that's OK Deb!)


kim said...

I love this! Very creative idea for a family shot. Great job.

andrea wardle said...

What a clever idea!

Anonymous said...


McKay Family said...

That's adorable!

I Heart Faces said...

Awww - we love this photo of your sister's family and are so glad you're joining in the fun here!

We just wanted to leave a friendly reminder that you need to enter the permalink to your blog post into the Mr. Linky each week, not the link to the home page of your blog.

If you aren't sure how to do this, you can check out the FAQ's portion of our site for a tutorial.

We have already fixed this week's entry for you! :)

Thanks so much,

~Amy & Angie
co-founders of I Heart Faces

Becky said...

Great photo!

Missy said...

This is great! Everyone looks like they are having such a good time. You're a great portrait photographer.