Saturday, January 9, 2010


This winter, Lu has discovered our kitchen heat vent. Every morning when I come downstairs, she is sprawled in front of it.

We aren't sure where exactly she sleeps at night, we just know it isn't with us. I'm guessing she sleeps in the basement because wherever it is, it obviously isn't very warm!

I had been trying for a few weeks to get a picture of her at the vent, but as soon as I come down, she stops basking in the heat of the vent, and comes to beg for treats.

I really do love this girl!


onecollie said...

MEOW!!! LuLu Belle!

deb said...

Love the pose her body is in to bask in the warmth of the vent.

Natalie said...

What a gorgeous cat!

Michelle said...

Lu is beautiful! I love her face. And she is one smart cat - I'd be hanging there too!