Saturday, January 23, 2010

Kristy Darby Photography

A friend of mine is starting up a photography business. When she told me what she was planning on doing, I was a little surprised by my reaction... I was HAPPY for her. Happy, for competition. Weird eh?

I have internet friends that I can ask questions to, or get feedback and suggestions on things, but nothing beats a real live friend that you can talk business with. I know what she is going through, and she knows what I'm going through and maybe together we can learn from each others' mistakes.

I'll be insanely jealous if she rockets into fortune and fame and leaves me in her dust, but I'll be proud of her too. I think you need to be a little stupid or a little brave to start your own business. (I fall into the stupid category, I had no idea what I was getting into... trust me.) You need to set aside all the negative comments (You are opening a dog daycare? Who would pay $25 for their dog to play all day? Lethbridge is NOT big enough, etc.) and have confidence not only in yourself, but in your plan and that people will want to use (and pay for!) your services.

And a girl that can win Lacey over in less than 10 minutes has got TALENT! Look at her. She wouldn't leave her side. It was the cutest thing. Every time Kristy crouched down to take a picture Lacey would come running. I am sure there were many pictures ruined due to Lacey's nose or ears popping into the frame.

Did somebody say treats?!

Kristy is working on her website and portfolio building so I offered Coulee and Lacey's help. It was really weird to have a photo session without a camera in my hand, but it was a lot of fun. And I'm actually in a few pictures too! Maybe one day I can return the favor.

Thanks for the sneak peak Kristy! I can't wait to see more. Oh and Kristy... Marlin finally believes me that his fake smile sucks. LOL.


Sarah said...

those look good, nice to have some photos with you in them hey??

onecollie said...

great shots Kristy!, love the family photo, even if Marlin is "kind" of smiling! hee hee!