Saturday, January 9, 2010

Official Cat Wrangler

Have I mentioned that I am volunteering at the Animal Shelter? I've missed helping out homeless animals so as soon as I found out the local shelter was finally on Petfinder (and had a use of decent photos), I asked if they could use a volunteer.

Sandy came to help me and she definitely made things go more smoothly.

She tried (not always successfully) to capture the cats' interest with toys so that they would sit still for more than 0.005 seconds.
She also tried holding them back so they couldn't move. We quickly realized that this did not make attractive photos. :)
When dogs refused to lift their ears and only gave us the "beaten" look, she helpfully propped their ears up for them.
She also provided lots of bum rubs,
threw toys for the pups to chase,
and last but not least, she scooped up all the brown bombs in the yard so none of us (dogs included) would step in it by accident.

Thanks for your help Sandy. Not only did I get lots of photos, I had a lot of fun too.

For more photos of the pups and cats, check out the photography blog.


miradukesadie said...

lol! I was helpful wasn't i??! I can't believe the cat photo! I didn't realize how mad I was making him! And you were suppose to crop me out of the ear proping photo! =)

Sean said...

Hahah! The second photo - kiiind of funny! But the fourth is just plain adorable, oh my goodness :)

Michelle said...

Great photos! Looks like fun and for such a great cause.