Monday, January 17, 2011

My Trusty Side Kick

Vito spent the weekend with us while Amanda was away at an agility trial.

We quite enjoy having Vito come visit.  He gets along great with the girls and just generally fits in really well with our lifestyle.

When Vito is here, I'm never alone.  He is always with me. Always. If I'm on the couch, he's on the couch.  If I'm in bed, he's in bed. If I'm on the computer, he's under the desk. If I'm in the kitchen, he is a tripping hazard behind me.

I call him my Trusty Side Kick.  The only time he seems to branch off and leave me is when we are on a walk.  Then he usually becomes Coulee's side kick, unless Lacey can convince him to come wrestle (which she usually does by biting his tail - ooops!).

He is sassy, he is playful and he also knows how to just laze around.  In short, he is an awesome dog.

It doesn't hurt that he is cute and photogenic either!

I got so many cute photos of him today I couldn't seem to narrow them down.  Can you tell?  :)

Thanks for a great weekend V! We'll see you next time.

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onecollie said...

those are sooo awesome !