Saturday, January 15, 2011

Stiff Competition

Coulee finally had some stiff competition for fetch.

Lily (a rescue dog with Windy City Rescue) is fast.  And determined.

Coulee wasn't particularly impressed with that, but it sure made her get her butt in gear.  She hasn't run that fast for a while.

We only took the two big kids out as we knew they would keep moving where as the little kids (Vito and Lacey) would have frozen toes in minutes.

We had probably been out for about 15-20 minutes when we had a spectacular mid air collision (that I watched instead of photographed).  There were yelps and confusion and when the snow finally settled, we were left with a limping Lily. :( So we decided to call it a day.  She has just rested for a few hours and seems to have recovered.  Phew.  I didn't want to break the rescue dog!

Don't let these pictures fool you... Lily got the frisbee plenty of times, you'll just have to visit the rescue blog to see them.


Kristy said...

It looks like they had fun. I love Coulee's teeth in the first photo. Wow - Lily can really jump!

onecollie said...

Lily looks like she belongs in your family ! :)