Friday, January 14, 2011

The Cold One

Lacey really doesn't do well in the cold.  She spent most of our "walk" today sitting on my lap.

I am definitely going to invest in some Ruffwear boots next winter.  I need something that will stay on in deeper snow and I think their polar trex boots should work.  I just worry that they'll fall off and at that price, that will be an expensive walk.  But she really needs something.

Jo gave me some of hers that she bought that were too small for the boys and they work great, as long as she doesn't run too fast or go into deep snow.  We wore them at the green strip the other day and they stayed on for most of the walk.  But at the dog park, they are just going to fall off and I won't be able to find them.

I hope she can wait until next year.  It is bound to warm up soon.  Right?

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