Monday, January 24, 2011

Inside Out Ears

I'm almost a month into my 365 project and it is going OK.  I've gotten some photos that I probably wouldn't have with out the project and there have been a few nights where it forced me to take out the camera and take some pictures.  Some days I try new things.  These don't always work to my liking so I don't post those pictures but it is still getting me to use the camera when I wouldn't normally. I've been trying to not necessarily pick the BEST photo from the day, but the one that best represents that day.  It is hard some times though to choose a less appealing picture, over a nicer one.

I'm happy with yesterday's of Lacey and Marlin. It wasn't my most dynamic picture of the day, but I rarely seem to take pictures with him in them because I tend to prefer dog photos without people cluttering them up.  LOL.  But I was also really tempted to use one of these of Coulee.  I've never gotten a picture of her "Inside Out" ears before.  She has to be in the right mood and she is usually inside (and I almost never take indoor pictures).  It also doesn't help that the mood that she needs to be in is usually ruined when I hold a camera (camera = fun time, not weird sucky-up, submissive time).  So I was thrilled to be able to take some yesterday, but to avoid ruining the mood I had to take them from the hip (i.e. without looking at what I was taking) and the focus is off.  Oh well.  You can still get the picture, so to speak.

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Ruth said...

Wonderful shots!