Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Silhouette - 11/365

Silhouette - 11/365, originally uploaded by wendy74ca.
I just had to share this on the blog too as I love this photo.

I've been wanting to do a silhouette since I saw Anita's (hotdog photography) silhouette photos last year.

I set out today to get a picture of Lacey in the same spot as yesterday, but with a blue sky above her instead of a grey. As I was driving home to get the girls, I realized that the sun wasn't going to be in the right place for that to work. I was so disappointed. It wasn't until I got out there that I realized, it would make ideal conditions for a silhouette picture instead.

I didn't do too much editing other than making the ground darker (snow is obviously not ideal for this!).

I love the position of her body and I really, really love being able to see her breath. I think this is one of my favourite pictures ever. I do wish she wasn't wearing a coat though...


Kennedy said...

This is awesome! Her coat is barely noticeable. :)

Great capture. Silhouettes are fun!

Kristy said...

I already commented on Flickr, but just wanted to say again, that I really like this. I think that her breath makes it even more interesting:)