Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Frisbee Fun!

I had the best walk I've had in a while today.  I wasn't cold at all and neither were the dogs.  Lacey even ran naked!  :)

Coulee had a blast playing with the frisbee.

We alternated long throws where she could get a good run through the snow, with high flying catches.

She is finally tired and peaceful tonight.  I've missed the peace and quiet.

Although as I type, she is eyeing up the cat still.

Hopefully tomorrow will be as nice and we can do it all over again!


Karen said...

I could take a day or two of that beautiful backdrop, wow!!

Stephanie V said...

Your (third row) photo of Coulee reminds me of a coyote howling at a daytime moon. It's even like green cheese!

How come it's not cold? - sure looks it.