Sunday, April 22, 2012

Backyard Birding

Our campsite was surrounded by trees that had yet to leaf out.  We didn't get a tonne of shade, but we could see a tonne of birds - nothing exotic, but they still kept us entertained. Most of these were taken from the area just in front of our trailer while we sat and had our morning coffee/tea.  The geese were taken during our river walk.

A starling... just hanging out, looking good in the sun.


We called this the love shack.  Two of them would fly in there together and just hang out for a while. They didn't bring anything in with them - no nesting material or food for babies - they were just checking the place out.

These house sparrows were just chilling in the trees and also checking out a potential home.

Ahh... the rare Canada Goose.  :)

On our second morning, there was a little more action.  The sparrows started building a nest.

And the starlings made babies. :)

He is calling to her in the first photo, and she comes down and lands beside him.  Before we barely registered what was happening, he was flying off.  My camera shoots at 8 frames per second and I think I only deleted two photos in the sequence. I'm pretty sure I just kept shooting straight through.


Karen said...

I'd say those are Starlings:)
Around here they are the bane of the blueberry growers. Say no to sex, we don't need any more of them!

Paws on the Run said...

You are right Karen. Thanks!

Mom said...

Nice photo shooting but can I say I love Coulee's Photos. She got some great shots perhaps because she is taking the photos so close to the ground you get an awesome view. Great weather. Love mom