Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Inspiration - A to Z Challenge

When it comes to taking pictures, I am inspired from a lot of different sources.

But when it comes to actually picking up the camera, Coulee and Lacey inspire me the most (in case you couldn't tell!).  I rarely go out for a walk with them without my camera and whenever I see a new gadget, or learn a new technique, my first thought is how can I make that work with them.

Some days though, I get tired of the same old thing. Same dogs, same place, same toys.  It takes me a bit to shake it up and do something different.  Today, I passed the camera to Coulee and let her inspire me.  She does a pretty good job of showing me what can be done with a different lens and different angles.

I think I need to shoot into the sun more.  I love this picture below and it is one I never would have taken.

Note: I did very little editing to these photos - just a little cropping (to remove her chin).


K-Koira said...

Really nice. I love the one of you sitting with Lacey on the bench.

Andrea said...

Love the Coulee-Cam!

a.eye said...

Love the sun shot with you you and the dog!!

Mary Lou said...

I love the picture of you and Lacey gazing into each other's faces.... It is so endearing!! ;op

Pat Carroll Marcantel said...

I want to know when all of you are going to be on Letterman's or Leno's
show. What great companions you three are for each other!

Taryn said...

Obviously photographic talent runs in the family :-)