Thursday, April 12, 2012

Kickin' Back - A to Z Challenge

Today is a horrible, rainy day.  If you live in Vancouver or Seattle, it is a "normal" day and you go about life as usual.  If you live in southern Alberta, it is the kind of day where you stay home, get under the covers and wait for it to pass.  So guess what we did today....

You gotta claim your spot in bed before it is too late.

It takes a while for Jack to settle in and he doesn't normally stay in one spot for long.  I think he wanders around trying to determine where he can be the most annoying.

Coulee was giving me the sad, guilt inducing, look the whole time.  It didn't work... it is too wet outside to consider a walk.

And some of us took getting comfortable to a whole new level.

It was a great mid-day break from work... too bad I have to go back.  If you are wondering where Lu was during all this, she was curled up in my laundry bin.


Stephanie V said...

I never would have thought of curling up in a laundry bin to stay warm and toasty on a rainy day!

Cats are so clever and practical. BTW, it didn't rain here today :)

Anonymous said...

The first pic is classic! The bed is the real estate that is most popular. The cat probably think's its the boss too.

onecollie said...

so this is what you were doing while poor Kira & I were sopping up water huh ;)

Cindy Dwyer said...

There's nothing better than cuddling all day when it rains. Hope you enjoyed your relaxation time!

Mary Lou said...

I love black and white pictures!! I have zero idea why.... ;-}