Saturday, April 7, 2012

Goof - A to Z Challenge

This is not at all what I was planning on writing about today but Coulee is NOT a goofy kind of dog, so when she started goofing around today, I couldn't resist.

We were down by the river and there was a fairly large piece of driftwood on the shore.  Coulee ran to it and did her "Will you please throw this?" look, so just for fun, I told her to "Bring it".

She tried, and tried and tried.

And when she couldn't carry it, she tried to make it lighter by ripping chunks off it.

Then she tried some more.

Then she thought she'd see if maybe we would just come to it.

She eventually spotted another piece that was smaller and brought that one instead.

So of course I had to chuck it 2 feet so she would be rewarded for her efforts.  So then she picked it up and brought it to Marlin so he could play too.  LOL

When fetch is involved, this girl is determined!


Cedar said...

Good stuff Wendy!

Hydro Blogger said...

Haha Coulee! BTW I thought we didn't have to do G until Sunday - am I behind??

Paws on the Run said...

I think we take Sunday's off.

Andrea said...

I love how much time and fun you share with your pooches! The rocks are beautiful too.

lifewithmydogs said...

That looks heavy... Strong neck!

Francene Stanley said...

Your photos of your darling doggy friend are so expressive. What a clever dig: first she tries to dismantle her log, then she chooses another. How intelligent!

Mary Lou said...

Determined.... And smart, I say!! ;op

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